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Vaishnavi Serene FAQ ‘s:

1. Where is Vaishnavi Serene located?

2. What are the different types and sizes of apartments?

3. What are the distinct advantages Of this project?

4. What are the amenities provided?

5. Are the apartments Vaastu compliant?

6. Who are the Architects/Master Planners of Vaishnavi Serene?

7. Is this a phased development and what is the timeline for completion?

8. Is there any differential price based on the floor and orientation of the apartments?

9. How do I book my home at Vaishnavi Serene?

10. What happens thereafter?

11. When do get a confirmed allotment?

12. Are there any finance schemes?

13. In case Of regular payment, how are the installments to be paid and is it time bound?

14. What happens if I cancel my booking?

15. When does the development start and when can I expect to move into my new home?

16. Are modifications permitted in the apartment?

17. What about car parking space?

18. Is the title of this property clear?

19. Has the BDA/BBMP sanctioned the plan?

20. Is the project RERA registered?

21. What are the documents that need to be signed?

22. What is the process Of registration and when does registration take place?

23. What are the additional amounts to be paid?

24. Has Vaishnavi Serene been approved by leading housing financial institutions/ banks?

25. Who will take care of the maintenance of this property?

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Some of the Reviews: 

  • It is too far from the city but the place is good and it is fully surrounded by Trees, this place is next to CRPF camp.
  • North Bangalore is the hottest spot in real estate.
  • Excellent property from Vaishnavi Group.